The Back Story

The newest Judy Dench major motion picture called Philomena is a true story with a direct connection to Rockford, Illinois.  Philomena Lee was an unmarried pregnant teen in Ireland forced into a convent to have her child and then give him up for adoption.  The couple who adopted the boy and a young girl was Dr. Michael Hess and his wife Marge of Rockford.

And that is where the story within a story begins.  When 1970 Boylan High grad Jeanne Harris Nutter realized that the Mike Hess in the movie was OUR Mike Hess she reached out to me.  She and I and Ande Walter had comprised the female half of three couples who went to the class of ’70 Senior prom.  Jeanne had photos and figured we all did and wouldn’t it be great to share our photos and memories with Mike’s Mom.

The calls and emails to fellow classmates and former teachers began.  We are actively seeking memories and photos of Mike to share with his Mom. If you’ve seen the movie or read the book by Martin Sixsmith you know that Mike died before he could find her and she could find him.

If you are comfortable sharing a memory or photo of Mike Hess you may share it on this blog. Please send us your name and email address using the Contact Form below and we will provide you with a private email address for sending photos.

Thank you all for remembering and being part of such a loving effort on behalf of our former classmate and friend.